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We are your local dairy who specializes in happy and healthy cows who are grass-grazed and fed a Non-GMO and gluten-free diet. Also, we never use hormones.

What Makes Our Cows So Special?

They are Jersey and Guernsey cows who produce high quality milk and a protein called A2A2. This protein is super helpful for people who have discomfort when digesting regular cows milk, and may also help symptoms associated with ADHD and autism.

Why do we call it "your local dairy"?

Because you can actually own a share of the herd!

When you own a herd share, you can spend time one-on-one with the cows, help feed baby calves, and enjoy the outdoors with them.

What is the return on your herd share investment?

Your money goes directly for boarding, bedding, feed, grazing, daily treats, and milking. Your reward is receiving their love and fresh milk made right here. Quality you can see and feel good about.

Fresh Freezer Beef

We sell whole, half, or quarter beefs to customers. Our beef is naturally grown with out antibiotics or hormones. It is custom butchered through a state inspected custom processor. Meat is priced by the pound and price includes processing and delivery. You pay ONE price ONE time! So we make it easy dealing with us!

Our Operation

Hidden Acre Farms, LLC is a beef feed yard producing and purchasing beef feeder cattle feeding to finish. We contract directly with packers raising fresh, hormone and antibiotic-free beef so when purchased from the grocer, rest assured you can see and taste the quality.

Currently we buy beef feeder cattle directly from your farm in groups. Our buying is concentrated in the Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky and Michigan region.

Hauling is included in our bid price and we provide you with scale weight tickets upon purchase. Call today to schedule a time for us to visit your herd and provide you with a competitive bid.

Healthy Animals

What’s the secret behind our hormone and antibiotic-free cattle?

Hidden Acre Farms buys directly from growers that employ practices that adhere to humane animal standards and promote health. Clean environments and adequate space for animals to roam help ensure healthier livestock.

Improved testing helps detect sick animal faster so they can be removed from the group.

Contact Us

Amanda and Rita DeGroat
13201 Pritchard Rd.
Germantown, OH 45327

Jason DeGroat, Operation Manager
Chase R. DeGroat, Feedlot Technician
Aaron Brown CDL Driver
Aaron Tilton, CDL Driver
Zach Eldred, CDL Driver

(937) 477-5830
(937) 776-1990
(937) 855- 2974– Fax


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